A picture to inspire 1000 words – Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti

Lempicka - self-portrait in the green bugatti


It doesn’t get much more iconic than this, and you can see a million stories in those bedroom eyes. What do you see?  Write 1000 words, publish it on your site and drop a link to it in a comment below.

“Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti” by Tamara de Lempicka, 1925 was commissioned by the German magazine Die Dame.


Joyride, 1924 style

1924 Joyride via History_Pics

You really have to love the fact that youth never really changes.  Inspite of all the standards and means that we’ve put into place to insure a quality education and quality life, when boys see a hotrod, they can’t help themselves, today just the same as in 1924.

There is something beautiful in that connection to the past.

photograph found via @HistoryPics

The Wave, Arizona



One really great side effect of all the advances in photography and accessibility on the internet is that we, the average person, can see how wonderfully strange our own planet can be.  We really should take better care of it.  I’m not sure we’ll find another one like it out there.

Visit National Geographic’s site for a larger version of this picture (and more details about the place).

A picture to inspire a 1000 words – Chansonnier

1910_chansonnier in rue staint-vincent in paris by neurdein


When one looks at this photograph, it is easy to see why the image of Paris in the early years of the 1900’s still holds such an inspiring place in our collective mythology.  The image begs you to write the story of the place, of the man, of the time, of anything and everything that you can.

So do it.  Write 1000 words about anything that this photograph inspires, publish it on your own site and drop a link in a comment on this page.  Happy writing.

photograph 1910 by Neurdein entitled Chansonnier in Rue Saint-Vincent in Paris

Rock, Paper, Scissor…what!?!

rock paper scissors mexican standoff So 2013 turned to 2014 and the world keeps spinning.  All of the world’s problems, from hunger to excess, are still sitting there, waiting to be solved.  Humanity simply watched with optimism as the calendar flipped, hoping that, perhaps by magic, the new year would bring with it all the answers without any of the effort.  But there are a few of you out there that watched the flip and felt something flip inside you as well.  You felt the sudden and uncontrollable desire to CHANGE something.  To you I say,

“What the fuck are you waiting for?”